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Indoor PA Systems

Complete indoor PA Systems perfect for conferences, exhibitions or corporate events. A public address system includes microphones, amplifiers and loudspeakers that will bring your event to life. 

Outdoor PA Systems

Got an outdoor event? We have a fantastic range of outdoor PA solutions ideal for projecting speech or music over a large range in all weathers! To see what we have to offer click here or get in contact now! 


Marquee Sound

Get the right balance of sound with our Marquee sound solutions. We have all the desired equipment to ensure your guests enjoy every moment of your event. 


Commentary Boxes

Our range of single and double-decker commentary boxes give a comfortable setting to ensure every aspect of the race or event can be seen. We also have the option to customise the exterior to fit in with branding or promote supporters.


The Sound is key to making any music event a great success! Our quality sound systems and experienced technicians will ensure your event doesn't miss a beat... let the music do the talking! 



We offer a range of two way radio systems keep your team in touch. There is the option of analog or digital which are  both delivered and managed. 

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