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Single Commentary Box

Outdoor mobile LED screen ideal for sporting events, advertising and outdoor cinemas. Quick to install, only takes one man to set up and operate which makes this a cost effective solution for your outdoor event. 

Key Features:
  • Mobile

  • Impressive

  • ?? x?? Screen Size

  • Raise screen up to ??

  • Easy and quick to install

  • Aspect ratio ???

  • Pixel pitch ??

Double Decker Commentary Box

A wide range of high resolution indoor screens ideal for corporate events, exhibitions and award shows. Lightweight and easy to install, the screens offer a high impact experience for your guests.  

Key Features:
  • Sizes available:

    • ??‚Äč

    • ??

    • ??

    • ??

    • ??

  • Easy to install

  • Light weight

  • High resolution

  • Mounted or free stand

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